VIP - Ascendant


Package Description

  • 50 points every 15 minutes (200 total per hour)
  • 5,000 Points
  • 30 Dino Color Tokens
  • VIP Discord Role


  • 6 Dino
  • 30 Bronze
  • 15 Silver
  • 10 Gold

- Notes -

VIP Packages do not send everything automatically, requires manual intervention from Sensi. I'll get to it as soon as I can, I get notified when a purchase happens so as long as I'm awake, will be quick. If you do not receive it quickly, let me know on Discord via a ticket or support channel.

Subscribe - This means you will purchase a subscription that will auto-renew monthly. You will be given the above today and then again every month automatically as long as your subscription remains active.

Add to Basket - This means it will be a one time purchase. Everything above will be given today. Points per hour will revert back to the default after 1 month time.