Moonlight PvP Cluster

Our goal at Moonlight is to provide quality of life improvements to your playtime while keeping the PvP intact.

-We are aiming for a two month wipe schedule. If this were to change there will be a one to two week notice.

-All admins are in one tribe.

-Admins will not initiate any type of raid against another tribe.

-If the admins are attacked(raid or attempted raid) they can now engage in offensive raiding with the attacking tribe only.

-World PvP is fair game for everyone. Admins may attack and be attacked. This will NOT open a tribe up for base raiding.

-If an admin is assisting someone or needs to use admin commands it will be communicated to limit confusion.


We enforce all rules found in Arks Code of Conduct found here: 

-Meshing is cheating and will result in a ban if abused. Please use our ticket system if you believe someone is meshing.

-Using dinos to bite through the mesh to kill other tribes dinos, structures or players is not allowed.

-There are glitches in ARK. Exploiting these will result in a ban.

-Cheating & scripting is not allowed; it will lead to a player and tribe being banned.

-Do not tunnel

-Do not use rafts to raid bases.

-6 person tribe limit.

-No alliances.

-No teaming or counter raiding for another tribe. Stay out of render of an ongoing raid unless you’re one of the two parties involved.

-If you capture an enemy player during a raid, you may hold him until the raid is over. The player must then be released.

-If you capture a player in open world PvP, you may hold him for one hour. 

-You are expected to have the same tribe members on all servers.

-Tribe names must be the same across all servers. Please don't try to bend this rule.

-Do not move characters back and forth between multiple tribes or attempt to circumvent the tribe member limit.

-No insiding. If you take items you purchased with points and leave the tribe, THIS IS NOT INSIDING! We define insiding as someone intentionally joining your tribe to sabotage it. Example throws everything on the ground and demos the base. Leaving the tribe and then taking some breeding lines or weapons with them is not insiding. A tribe has shared ownership of everything regardless of who does what. TRUST THE PEOPLE YOU LET IN YOUR TRIBE!

-Intentionally crashing the Moonlight Gaming servers (through DDoS or otherwise) will lead to players being banned.

-If you lose your body or dino due to a glitch or error the admins will not be able to assist you in retrieving them. This includes falling through the map.

Building Rules

-2 bases per map. This doesn't include beds or huts with no turrets.

-Building in areas that require crouching to enter may not be built in. If you cannot fit a turtle through the entrance, do not build there. This includes the "Alpha" bear cave on The Center. If you aren't sure, ask an admin.

-Do not build in the dark cave on the NE surface of Aberration.

-Do not build in or block the surface entrances or exits in any way on Aberration.

-No building in artifact caves, artifact cave entrances or with the intent of blocking the entrance.

-Base spam needs to be approximately 50 maximum foundations from your base. Please keep it reasonable.

-Do not build turrets or towers with the intent to block resource spawns.

-No Random turrets, turret towers or traps that are not affiliated with your base.

-You must clean up your fob, including any spam, after you have raided.

-Do not block or build with intent to block access to or from the obelisks. PvP at Obelisks is allowed. No turrets or structures.

-Do not use or build floating structures.

-Dinos must be able to be shot by turrets. You may not enclose your dinos. "Shielding" dinos in order to walk up to turrets is not allowed. 

-You may place a foundation over your dino drivers.

-Blocking access to nests is not allowed and could result in your structures being removed by the Moonlight Gaming team without warning.

Chat & Discord Rules

-English only in global. You may speak other languages in private/tribe chat.

-Names may not contain vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive language.

-Offensive Language - this includes but is not limited to language, which is defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise extensively offensive. 

-No promoting or advertising in Ark chat. 

-Do not impersonate staff members.