Rates & Limits
-10 Man Tribe Limit
-No Alliances
-6000 Turret Range
-200 Turrets in Range
-SS Heavy Turret:25 Slots
-SS Auto Turret: 6 Slots
-SS Tek Turret: 6 Slots
-20x EXP
-20x Harvest/Gather
-20x Tame
-Supply Crate Loot Quality 1.2x
-Fishing Loot Quality 1.5x
-Max Player level - 105 before ascensions
-Max Wild Dino 150. Max Wild Tek Dino 180
-Max Quetzal Speed 260
-Max All Other Flyers 240
-Hatch Speed x40
-Mature Speed x25
-Mating Interval .15 (Shorter)
-Crop Growth x4

Mod Settings

Super Structures
-Auto Crafter Disabled
-Personal Teleporters Disabled
-Repulsor Plate Disabled
-Repair Gun Disabled
-Mutator Disabled
-Flame Turret Disabled
-Tek Buggy Disabled
-Gacha Gavengers Disabled

Ultra Stacks
-Advanced rifle bullets 500/stack
-Element Shards 500/stack

Dino Storage
-9 second delay to pick up after the dino takes damage

Element & Tribute Transfers
-Element and Element shard transfers
-Boss trophies(heads) are transferable

Awesome Spyglass
-No outlines on dinos
-Cannot see loot in drops
-Has GPS
-Has food/tame info
-Has zoom
-Has Crosshair

Naj's Speedy Flyers
-Quetzal max speed 260
-Other flyer max speed 240
-Crystal wyverns cannot increase speed
-Trops cannot increase speed

Server UI
-Information available in game by pressing F1

Solo Farm
-Allows an auto attack for a limited number of dinos that are used for farming

-NPP (New Player Protection)
-3 days structure protection (72 hrs) or once you or a tribe member reach level 100. Once either condition is met NPP will be removed from you and your tribe.
-NPP does not protect you or your dinos. Only structures.
-Dino Colors
-Suicide (Does not work while knocked out, handcuffed or picked-up by a dino)
-No Wander
-Server Cross Chat with Discord Plugin

Current Disabled Engrams:
-SS Mutator
-SS Tek Buggy
-SS Repulsor Plate
-SS Repair Gun
-SS Auto Crafter
-SS Personal Teleporter
-SS Flame Turret
-Arkomatic Dedicated Crafter
-Arkomatic Turret Filler
-Climbing Pick
-Heavy Turret (SS Versions Available)
-Auto Turret (SS Versions Available)
-Gacha Gavengers

Other Settings:
-Water intake may be placed anywhere
-Minimum glass transparency .5
-Unlimited mind wipes
-8 Minute charge time for Tek shield generator
-Shield generator distance between - 30 foundations
-No generators or shields on saddles or rafts
-Cave flyers are allowed
-Damaged structures require a 3 minute cooldown before being repaired
-Daily server dino wipes at 6am CST